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Topical Collection "Sustainable Integrated Clean Environment for Human & Nature"

Due to a huge number of manuscript submissions and frequent requests, the special issue "Sustainable Integrated Clean Environment for Human & Nature" of the journal Sustainability (ISSN: 2071-1050), which was editing by Dr. Urine during 2020-2021, is now turned into a topical collection and accepts manuscripts without a deadline!

The focus of the topical collection is on the subjects below:

  • Actions for developing countries (priority will be given to works based on Africa);

  • Clean technologies;

  • Economic approaches: economic Models, life cycle assessment (LCA), circular economy, etc.;

  • Environmental remediation;

  • Global water security issues;

  • Hazardous substances;

  • Human–nature interactions;

  • Nature-based solutions: from Theories and Laboratories to Fields and Actions

  • New policies;

  • Public health;

  • Risk assessment and modeling;

  • Sanitation/hygiene;

  • Social awareness/human rights: concepts of leaving no one behind, pilot social studies, reactions from the societies, etc.

  • Sustainable water, wastewater, and waste treatment including pilot scaled case studies

  • Resource circulation: conservation and recycling;

  • Any other relevant topic (following consultation with the editor).

Contributions are warmly welcomed. For more information please click here.

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