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Just Published: Sustainable Integrated Clean Environment for Human & Nature (Edited Volume)

Sustainable Integrated Clean Environment for Human & Nature, edited by Dr. Shervin Hashemi has been published.

In this book, the articles published in the special issue of the journal Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050), entitled “Sustainable Integrated Clean Environment for Human & Nature” are re-printed.

The objective of this book is to answer the following questions regarding technical, economic, and social approaches:

1. What is the current state of the environment? Is it clean?

2. How can we make our environment clean and suitable for humans as well as nature?

3. How can we keep our environment clean through sustainable practices?

The re-printed research articles and review papers aim to cover the subjects mentioned below:

1. COVID-19 and the sustainability of a clean environment for humans and nature: visions, challenges, and solutions

2. Clean technologies and nature-based approaches, including environmental remediation and resource circulation

3. Global sanitation, hygiene, and public health issues

4. Economic approaches, including the development of economic models, life cycle assessment, and the circular economy

5. Social awareness and effective education on human rights for procuring clean air and water

Through including the latest studies in the above-mentioned fields, this book addresses the technicians, economists, social activists, and decision-makers who are concerned about clean environment concepts for sustainable development of the current and next-generation through respectful interactions between humans and nature.

The book is accessible for free here as an ebook:


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