Free Webinar: COVID-19 and the Sustainability of Clean Environment for Human & Nature

The application of green and appropriate technologies may be considered as the highest priority for sustainable development during and after the COVID19 pandemic!

On Friday, 5th February, MDPI and the journal Sustainability organized the 4th webinar on Sustainability, entitled: “Sustainability Webinar | COVID-19 and the Sustainability of Clean Environment for Human & Nature: Visions, Challenges, and Solutions"

The objective of this webinar was to provide a global forum for everyone from ordinary people to decision-makers to understand the vision, challenges, and solutions for sustaining a clean environment for humans and nature during and after the COVID19.

The webinar chaired by Dr. Shervin Hashemi, who is an expert in research on the provision of water and sanitation for remote areas at the Institute for Environmental Research, Yonsei University. It included presentations from four experts described below:

Dr. Mario Coccia, who is a research director at the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), has conducted research work in manifold international institutions.

Dr. Courage Kosi Setsoafia Saba, who is a Senior Lecturer of Microbiology as well as the Acting Director of International Relations and Advancement of the University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana.

Dr. Adel al-Gheethi, who is a lecturer at the department of water and environmental engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering & Built Environment, University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

Mr. Mohammad Nasirul Hoque, who is currently working as a lecturer in the Department of Physics, University of Chittagong, Chattagram, Bangladesh.

The invited experts were scholars who had valuable contributions to the special issue Sustainable Integrated Clean Environment for Human & Nature of the journal Sustainability on the mentioned topic.

The full recording can be found on YouTube as well as the webinar homepage hosted by Sciforum.

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