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Dr. Urine's Works Are Nominated for the Index Award 2021

Resource Circulation Sanitation System and Hashemi Sanitation Sustainability Index are nominated for the Index Award 2021.

The Resource Circulation Sanitation (RCS) System is a nature-based solution for challenges of adequate access to sustainable sanitation in remote areas.

Hashemi Sanitation Sustainability Index (HSSI) is a community-based indicator for evaluating the sustainability of implementing sanitation systems.

Both RCS and HSSI are designed and invented by Dr. Shervin Hashemi and have been nominated for Index Award 2021’s category of community.

The Index Award, founded by the Index Project foundation, identifies the world’s most impactful and iconic sustainable solutions since 2005. Guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Award continues to celebrate diversity, inspire hope and act as a catalyst for groundbreaking innovation.

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