Happy Toilet Day (November 19)!

Happy Toilet Day! It is good to see that IWA and UN-Water are taking a quick quiz. It is fun but important as well to raise the awareness up on this issue.

We celebrate this day but the facts are not cheerful! Although the condition became slightly better after defining MDG7 and SDG6, our globe is still sick in the case of sanitation and all of us are responsible to make things better. Small steps together can make actions.

A sanitation system is beyond a toilet set alone! We must think about everything! All aspects of sanitation. Accordingly, I wish we can suggest the UN by signing a petition for making “Sustainable Sanitation Week” starting from the “Toilet Day” on November 19 up to November 26.

Yesterday, our research team published a short article at “The Conversation.” It is about suggesting ideas for improving the sanitation situation in Africa’s cities. I will be happy hearing your comments on it.

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