The Excellent Award of the World Water Challenge 2017 went to the Dr. Urine Research Team!

The solution presented for on-site sanitation challenges of the Kingdom of Bhutan, proposed by Prof. Mooyoung Han and Shervin Hashemi, won the Excellent Award of the World Water Challenge 2017 (WWCH 2017). The event executed as a program of the Korea International Water Week 2017 (KIWW 2017) on September 22.

The competition was between 10 selected finalists to propose their solution for different water challenges through the globe.

The winners, who are authors of “Sanitation Revolution: From Waste to Resource” published in Desalination and Water Treatment, believe that winning this award could be a very good start to execute this new sanitation paradigm, which includes the oriental sanitation approaches assisted with Hi-Tech, in-situ.

Gaining access to sustainable and clean water and sanitation is mentioned as the 6th item of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The Dr. Urine research team is presenting solutions toward SDG6 based on substituting the public point of view about sanitation matters to be considered as waste, with considering as a resource.

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